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Eraserheads reunion concert deserves big-screen run.(Entertainment)

While it is reported that more than 50,000 people were present when Eraserheads reunited on stage last August, still, so many of the band's die-hard fans missed the show for whatever reason.

Thus it's fitting that such a historic event be relived on the big screen and give those not around a chance to experience something that might won't happen again.

"Eraserheads: The Reunion Concert" just opened in theaters last November 26, ensuring that anyone who wishes to see or repeat the whole concert will be accommodated - all in the comforts of a movie theater and its surround sound.

"Masayang-masaya kami at nandito magkakasama ulit tayo," expressed the group's heart and soul Ely Buendia during the premiere held at Megamall just a few days back. He was around with lead guitarist Marcus Adoro to open the screening which also featured two short films ("Waiting Shed" and "The Artist Is In") which he and the latter directed, respectively.

Ely, who was ill during the August 30 gig and was rushed to the hospital after first set, was in his more jolly mood and cared enough to joke, "Ako siyempre mas excited kasi first time ko mapapanood yung concert," he told the amused theater crowd, also comprising of true-blue Eheads fans present that memorable night.

Peppered with graphics embellishments that make it more visually enticing on the big screen, the concert has likewise been released by Sony BMG in CD form, easily becoming the first record done by the group since "Carbon Stereoxide", their last album before Ely broke away from the group in 2002.

Bassist Buddy Zabala was also around inside the cinema. So only drummer Raymund Marasigan whose unconfirmed hush-hush riff with Ely is arguably what's keeping the band from truly reuniting was reportedly absent.

As for the reunion concert, had it not been revealed that the 'Heads have prepared a 30-song line-up, the 15 songs they did live were quite enough even for a major concert standard. Of 15, they delivered mostly familiar hits such as "Alapaap," (a right pick opening song for its inviting tone), "Ligaya," "Harana," "Kailan," "Fruitcake," "Huwag Kang Matakot," "Huwag Mo Nang Itanong," "Toyang," "Shake Yer Head," "Kaliwete" and "With A Smile."

Not expected on the list were "Kama Sutra", "Hey Jay" and the less-known "Light Years", off their Christmas album "Fruitcake" which turned out to be their surprising last song in light of the trouble that happened to the night's main man.

The Eraserheads, their united stance alone a sweet journey back to their heydeys, did a good show and proved that paying them each "millions" was worth every cent. The thrilling digital countdown to show proper and appropriate fireworks at the beginning of the set paved the way for a smooth stretch.

Feeling very sick because of the pressure and his mom Lizette Buendia's passing, Ely's act was a gallant effort deserving of high praises.

It was obvious he was fascinated by the big crowd that went to see them. He simply mused, "Dami tao a." Yet the feeling of gratitude was there. That moment he must have realized how Eraserheads have been missed by its multitude of fans. And how, with the chant of 'group hug' reverberating after every song, these people want them to get back and possibly continue making good music together. Whether there will be a follow-up gig or a reunion studio album can only be just everybody's hope.

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