Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Eraserheads Final Set DVD Update

FYI the audio CD of The Eraserheads Final Set will be out April 27. And that’s good news! 
For the past few weeks I noticed most of my search engine traffic’s query includes inquiry about the release date of the Eraserheads Final Set DVD. As much as most fans want to know and as much as I want to share what I know, the thing is I don’t know anything. But right now I think I can share something.

After that disappointing TV airing of the concert over GMA7 some weeks ago many fans got even more excited for the DVD. GMA7 wasn’t able to air the entire concert because of course they only have 2 hours of air time while the concert took for more than 2 hours. 8 songs or almost 1 set weren’t able to watch by fans on TV plus a bunch of commercials were also aired. For me this is understandable as GMA7 is just doing its part as a network company. We should actually be thankful for them for airing the concert even after just a month of the event and fans that weren’t able to attend the concert had the chance to see it on TV.
But is there really a DVD to be released? Find out what Ereserheads front man Ely Buendia has to say.

“RE DVD, CD lalabas siguro yun this month. i’ll be meeting with sony for other projects soon, so tanong ko na rin sila. i’m also excited to hear and see it, cos i think we played a good set, and i’m partly responsible for the flow of the show  plus, more royalties!  hehe”
“actually, levan pretty much drew a very good, if not precise picture of what the boxed set will contain. give or take a few rarities. details are sketchy, but i will say that sony and i want to make sure na this will be the ULTIMATE FIGHTING CHAMPION.”

Source: Pupil’s Official Forum

This statement was taken from Pupils’ forum posted by Ely himself.

Levan is the guy who manages Schizo Archives a website dedicated to Eraserheads which also contains old footage of Eraserheads, articles and lots and lots of useful information. He is a member of the Eraserheads mailing list and is currently a very active member of the group. I can’t find his post about the boxed set but I think he hopes to include all albums of the band in it. I think his prediction, as Ely said, will most likely come true.

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